7:30pm, 5th November 2009
Venue: The Canterbury Tales Pub (opposite the Marlowe Theatre.)

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Canterbury Geek Nights offer a chance for developers, programmers, digital communicators and designers in the local area to get together, share their skills and talk about new ideas, techniques and technologies. If you do business online then you should attend. If you are at all geeky about online marketing (PPC, Twitter, SEO etc.,) animation, gaming, gadgets or anything for that matter then CGN is for you.

Each CGN consists of (approximately) two keynote talks of 15 minutes each. There are also frenetic bursts of socialising, sometimes adverts for other local groups, often interspersed with 5-minute-long microslot sessions.

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Main Event

The Great Google Debate - Details to follow

Key Note Speakers

Keynote #1 - This month's keynote will be about HTML 5.

Keynote #2 - Due to the main event (The Great Google Debate) we will only have time for 1 keynote this month.


These are five-minute "lightning" talks that anyone can volunteer for. They're easy to do: pick something that excites you, or a project you've worked on that you think might be of interest; then talk to a friendly audience for just five minutes with a handful of slides. Submit your microslot and we'll see you on the night!


Our 'Gee-Jay' for the night will be Mutant Disco.

The Venue

Canterbury Geek Nights was held at Orange Street Music Club in Canterbury. We are relocating this month to the Canterbury Tales pub which is about a 1 minute walk from Orange Street.

Canterbury Geek Nights at Orange Street Music

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